Industrial X-ray Modules

The FXE micro- and nanofocus series

The FXE X-ray modules achieve the finest details visible through high optical magnification achieved by the optical magnification and short distance between X-ray genesis and the inspected object.

Ideal for performing NDT quality control, offline inspection, and measurements of parts with defects from a few millimeters to 0.6 µm.

The EVO portable series

The EVO portable X-ray systems are light, of high quality, and have been designed for flexible field inspection in all types of industrial environments.

The combination of our EVO tube heads and CONTROL EVO is the key to a significantly improved workflow.

The High Performance series

Dedicated to digital 2D and 3D industrial X-ray applications. It’s reliable and proven in countless applications.

The versatile bifocal-spot design is ideal for the inspection of various material types and thicknesses including the most dense and largest parts to be inspected.

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NDT tough

We invite all of our peers in the NDT industry to join us in proudly identifying as being NDT TOUGH.
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X-ray inspection in the battery industry

Lithium-ion batteries are an integral part of our daily lives. You may not see one very often, but they are used in a variety of products, such as electric cars, cellphones and power tools. As the need for more lithium-ion batteries is increasing rapidly, giant production facilities (a.k.a Gigafactories) are being built around the globe to keep up with this demand. X-ray inspection is a crucial step in the production line of lithium-ion batteries, as faulty batteries can become very dangerous. By conducting a thorough inspection, one can ensure that the batteries will be safe to use, which is why X-ray inspection systems are such an important tool in the battery industry.
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