Light, X-rays and our common journey

Customers trust us to challenge the limits of what can be revealed. By pioneering intelligent X-ray technologies, we provide safer, more economical, trail-blazing solutions that enable our customers to navigate their own voyage of discovery.

Accepting this challenge demands extraordinary commitment. We invest talent and resources in creating brighter ways of exposing hidden worlds through the application of energized light. Light is at the core of everything we do, illuminating the path ahead. And with light comes revelation.

The transparency and clarity of the data we reveal, empowers our customers to make enlightened business decisions. These decisions have an impact on our mutual security and efficiency, accelerating our common journey to a sustainable planet.

Because when we see things clearly, the right way forward is obvious.

Our history


Now Comet X-ray delivers more power for the most challenging field inspection jobs - in the PXS EVO design, you know and trust. 

The new PXS EVO 300D/1200 features a superior combination of 300 kV and 1200 W constant potential X-ray power for extreme performance, making it ideally suited for all high-performance field inspection jobs.


The Copenhagen location has been a part of the COMET Group since 2007 and is now fully integrated into the COMET X-ray Modules Division.

The name-change cements COMET X-ray's dominance as the leading X-ray tubes and modules provider in the industrial X-ray market.


The ION integrated X-ray series is tailored for X-ray scanning applications and ideal for industries such as food processing, sorting, thickness gauging, and security in particular.

The ION series X-ray system consists of a tube head module with integrated cooling and the high voltage generator and an industrialized control unit with power supply, safety, and control modules. It's a flexible and scalable technology platform customized to specific customer needs. 


Comet launched the high-voltage iVario generator in 2017, further strengthening its position as the leading one-stop shop for industrial X-ray modules.


SMART EVO from YXLON Copenhagen is now an award-winning top achievement after being presented with the prestigious Red Dot Award; Best of the Best in Product Design 2015.

Best of the Best is the highest individual achievement in the Red Dot Award. Only outstanding products receive this award - and in 2015, only 1.6 % of all entries in the competition won this attractive award. This means that YXLON Copenhagen is one of the forerunners in international design within the industry.



YXLON Copenhagen heralds a new era of smarter workflows for your portable X-ray applications with the global launch of the SMART EVO series. 

YXLON Copenhagen has developed the new SMART EVO industrial X-ray system. Built in Denmark to stringent specifications with the highest quality components, the products are built to last and operate accurately even in the harshest environments.


Production of 600 kV metal-ceramic X-ray tube modules began in 2008. It is a game-changing milestone in metal-ceramic X-ray technology. The high-power 450 kV Compactus series was launched soon after, and VarioFocus modules were launched in 2009.


With the presentation of its new high-power product line at the 17th World Congress on Non-destructive Testing in Shanghai in 2008, COMET underscored its leading position in industrial X-ray technology.

E-beam technology was recognized with the Swiss Technology Award in 2009. With its compact, low-voltage electron emitter, COMET developed a top-quality product suitable for sterilizing packages in in-line processes.

In 2010, the COMET Group emerged even stronger from one of the most severe global financial crises ever, thanks to its systematic implementation of the Group strategy, improved productivity, and cost optimization efforts.


Turnover reached CHF 1 million in 1955, and the company posted its first net profit. After some delays, the company began producing rotary anode X-ray tubes under a license from its partner in 1956.
More than 90% of production is exported, and the company accounts for 1.5% of the world market in medical X-ray tubes for medical applications.
ETH Zurich University is involved in the company’s Panoramix project, and several patent applications result from this work.


In 1954, Holger Andreasen began trading with X-ray units. The units were named ANDREX, which referred to his last name ANDREasen and to X-ray. Aage Andreasen won a large order for 25 units of 160 kV for the United States Air Force and opened a small factory at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. In 1955, the first real ANDREX portable X-ray system was released.

Over the following years, the factory in Copenhagen was enlarged, and more employees were recruited as production and sales grew at a steady pace. More than 30 types of tubes from 80 kV to 300 kV and over 20 different control units were developed.

In 1970 the first line of mobile X-ray products was manufactured in Copenhagen.


Comet AG is founded by Gerhard Steck in Berne-Liebefeld, Switzerland in 1948. It will produce fixed anode X-ray tubes for medical applications.
The company leases several floors in a brand-new factory building ideally located in a well-developed area.
Switzerland lacks the highly qualified specialists that the new company needs, so it hires skilled glassblowers and vacuum specialists from East Germany and Italy and hires a young X-ray engineer from France.
The company aims to ensure it develops a highly skilled workforce, hiring only the very best professionals from the very beginning.


On November 8th, 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the rays he called “X-rays.” Later on the rays were renamed to “Röntgenstrahlen” in German in his honor, though the original designation has lasted to this day in English.

Based on Röntgen’s discovery, Carl Heinrich Florenz Müller, a native Thuringian glass-blower and factory owner developed the first X-ray tube in Hamburg in 1896.