Reduce manufacturing inspection costs through versatility and increased throughput.

April 04, 2022

In the past, to achieve the resolution and penetration needed to maintain high-quality standards in critical components, a dual-tube setup, and inspection process were required - this setup led to increased system costs and inspection times.

The MesoFocus modules eliminates a dual-tube setup because the modules’ pre-settings provide optimized resolution and power for different inspection needs.

The MesoFocus quickly and easily detects and measures features from 25μm to 300μm at high magnification and, in many cases, eliminates the need for a dual tube inspection. This reduces the complexity of your inspection system, and it reduces costs per inspection part. 

With 3-focal spot sizes (50μm, 130μm, 200μm), it can analyze, detect, and measure a variety of different material densities from small to large features. 

Comet X-ray’s sealed MesoFocus module provides stability, penetration power, speed, and resolution in 2D and 3D CT to achieve quality control targets. Ideal for inline inspection and simple integration into production lines, the MesoFocus’ high throughput and 24/7 operating stamina, can reduce your inspection times by up to 60% compared with standard open microfocus technology. 

Comet X-ray continues to lead the market in innovations that help you save time and cut costs while maintaining or increasing quality standards - Be Confident with Comet.

Read all about the MesoFocus modules here

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