Customization doesn’t have to be scary

August 08, 2022

Your project is unique, but our goal is always the same: To create solutions that generate real value for every customer.

With over 70 years in X-ray technology, we know there’s only one way to deliver a commercially viable tailor-made product. We work as a fully integrated part of your project team. Your unique understanding of your project needs, coupled with our decades of industry-leading experience, allows us to guide the team through every stage of the journey to your customized solution.

Comet’s manufacturing structure means we have a unique ability to create customized products. Whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution, we will ensure that you get the ideal solution for your application.

Collaboration, integrated manufacturing processes, and innovation without limits allow the COMET X-ray team to design solutions for any sector or application which are tailor-made to precisely match our customers’ market needs. 

Do you have a vision in mind for a new product? Let us take you through our proven customization process.

Refining your solution

People are at the heart of our process. That’s why we set up the right team for your project, who will follow you throughout your project. Based on in-depth dialog and sparring, we refine a solution together. We also demonstrate precisely how Comet adds value to your solution. Our experience and knowledge mean we can assess what solutions are possible from a technological point of view – and how your vision can become a viable reality. We’ll share reference stories and white papers to show how we have solved similar problems for similar applications. Next, we evaluate the project type and scope to determine if it is standard product-based or if we should initiate a research project together. Finally, we set up milestones for our journey. 

From concept to prototype

Comet’s manufacturing structure means we have an industry-wide, unique ability to create customized products. At this stage, we define which approach we will use for the solution, whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution. With more complex projects, we have the tenacity and determination to work through development cycles. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you can build your product and deliver your system on time. Our plant in Switzerland can react quickly and customize proto-types. Each customized solution addresses your specific needs, so you avoid paying for what you don’t need. Specialty knowledge, consultation, and years of experience are simply part of the package.


Validating your custom solution

Our experienced salespeople have a sound understanding of your market, allowing us to align expectations early on in the process. Based on rigorous mathematical models, a digital twin, we simulate the physical possibilities of any given task. This is more economical and faster than building a physical prototype.

This approach prevents us from expending valuable resources on designs that are not technically viable. At this crucial point, we decide whether another design iteration is needed to optimize the prototype design, or we proceed with building the physical prototypes. Because we manufacture everything in-house, we can react quickly. Our straightforward troubleshooting approach gives fast problem resolution with an iterative approach.


Delivering real value

Comet is a one-stop shop, which gives you significant logistical advantages: With one single company to provide everything you need, from design to development, rapid prototyping, and production of X-ray tubes and sources, you spend less time getting your products to market. Because we produce all components at our manufacturing facilities, we can guarantee the consistent quality of our products – and you always get exactly what you expect. With shorter lead times and the ability to quickly reprioritize, we can steer our production processes to encompass rush jobs for time-sensitive projects.

Our ability to create uniformity and reproducible products is second to none for larger production runs. We are also with you when you have commissioned your system: With comprehensive service and support and quick and easy replacement of repair parts, you get fast problem resolutions and less downtime. 

Whatever your inspection or quality challenges, with the experience and know-how of the Comet X-ray team, you can Innovate  with Confidence. Be confident with Comet X-ray.

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