Supply chain problems? No problem!

May 16, 2022

Comet X-ray is known for Quality, Responsiveness, and Delivery. Even during these uncertain times with supply chain issues plaguing so many manufacturers, Comet X-ray continues to deliver quality products on time for your systems. 

Minimizing downtime is crucial and more important now than ever, and having suppliers that do not impact critical path timing on projects is key to maintaining project and system integrity.

Comet’s foresight throughout the pandemic and our ability to warehouse various components has allowed us to continue to manufacture the highest quality X-ray tubes and deliver them to customers. Additionally, even when portable radiography sources are suffering from shortages, Comet X-ray’s portable sources are ready to be shipped to your location.

You’re not only getting a quality tube delivered on time, but you have the support of Comet’s experts ready to help you tackle the unique challenges of your application. Don’t let supply chain issues slow down your manufacturing inspection process. 

Be Confident with Comet.

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