ECO – What industry professionals say: Paolo Casareale

August 22, 2023

At ECNDT 2023, the European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, we had the chance to talk to our fellow industry professionals about the portable X-ray market and our newly released low-weight system, the ECO. Keep reading to find out the insights Paolo had to share.

Paolo Casareale,
General Director at ADG S.r.l.

Paolo Casareale is the owner of ADG S.r.l. in Como, Italy. He founded his own company in 2005, providing portable and stationary NDT solutions to a range of customers in Italy.

How long have you been working with Comet products?

Since 2015, so eight years already, I clearly remember the year because that's when the EVO series was new to the market. Since then, our collaboration with Comet X-ray has become ever close, and we genuinely value Comet X-ray as a partner.

What were your thoughts when you first heard of the new low-weight ECO?

I was thrilled to hear that something new was being developed - a portable X-ray system similar to the EVO series but with the same power and features but less weight. It is an excellent addition to our portfolio and any inspection company toolbox.

What are your hopes for Comet X-ray and the portable X-ray market?

With the release of the ECO, Comet X-ray has shown that they listen to our customer's needs, so I hope they will keep innovating and investing in new technologies. Next on my wish list is a lighter EVO 300D/1200 system, which would make a massive difference for NDT inspectors.

Paolo Casareale (center) alongside his business partners Albens Bushati and Roberto Uneddu

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