ECO portable X-ray system wins Red Dot Design Award

June 24, 2024

Building on the success of the EVO Series, the ECO Series has earned the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award. Both portable X-ray system series have gained international acclaim for their innovative features, ergonomic design, and sleek appearance. This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering user-friendly, high-performance solutions for industrial applications.

«The ECO Series combines advanced technology with user-oriented design, setting new standards in industrial X-ray.»

Statement by the Red Dot jury

Blending design, functionality, and innovation

At the heart of the ECO series lies our dedication to user-friendliness and listening to customer feedback. Reducing the weight by 9 kilograms while maintaining, and even improving X-ray output was the biggest challenge and required close collaboration between the portable X-ray hub in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the X-ray tube R&D team in Flamatt, Switzerland.

For the design, marketing and engineering worked closely together to integrate aesthetics with practical considerations, ensuring every design element contributed cohesively to both the product's visual identity and functional excellence.

«I found this project incredibly rewarding and am proud of what we achieved. The recognition with the Red Dot Design Award highlights our team's dedication and innovative spirit.»

Arnaud Sottas, Product Manager X-ray Tubes, former Head of Design R&D

«The ECO Series is not only a triumph of ergonomic and technological design but also a step forward in our commitment to sustainability.»

David Heiner Campos, Senior Specialist Global Marketing

The ECO Series

The ECO Series is a portable X-ray system specially designed for industrial use. Weighing just 14 kg, the unit combines ergonomics and low-weight construction. Special features are the small focal spot of 1.0 mm and the constant power of 750 watts, which enable improved imaging and shorter exposure times. The significantly reduced lead consumption in the construction is a boost for environmental compatibility and portability. Thanks to its IP65-certified housing and the metal-ceramic X-ray insert, the device is extremely robust.

The Red Dot Design Award

“In search of good design” – the Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. In order to appraise the diversity in this field in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into three disciplines. Competitions for each of these disciplines are held once every year.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

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