The benefits of a small focal spot in X-ray technology

August 29, 2023

This focus topic explores the benefits of using a smaller focal spot in X-ray technology. By reducing the size of the focal spot, geometrical un-sharpness is minimized, resulting in a sharper image with improved detail detectability.

Often the demand for in high-throughput requires a trade-off of a larger focal spot, to boost productivity and lower costs. Unfortunately, this can also lead to geometric unsharpness, decreased resolution in the inspection area of the component.

By reducing the source-to-detector distance, a smaller focusing point can be used without causing geometric unsharpness to rise. But how does it affect throughput? By decreasing the source-to-detector distance, the dosage rate is increased which reduces the costly long exposures by as much as 90%, thus minimally affecting the throughput while obtaining better resolution.

Read the full focus topic paper to find out how decreasing the focal spot size might improve X-ray imaging’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Geometric unsharpness (Ug)

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