Balancing Resolution, Speed, Reliability, Integration, and Cost

April 27, 2023

This focus topic explores the challenges and limitations of conventional X-ray tube technologies in providing cost-efficient quality control for battery inspection, for complex casts in the automotive industry, or for large and additively manufactured parts in aerospace.

Manufacturing optimization has always been a series of trade-offs. Maximizing throughput must be balanced with employee and equipment safety. Maximizing profits must be balanced with quality raw materials. And so on.

The same is true for quality control processes. Finding the right X-ray source for specific quality control processes can be challenging, particularly when it comes to balancing the requirement for high resolution detail recognition with the need for reliable uptime, fast inspection throughput and the ease of integration into a production environment. All those parameters determine the performance, reliability, and costs of non-destructive quality inspections.

Characteristics of mini focus, MesoFocus and micro focus

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