The Craft of X-Ray Inspection Illuminated

July 31, 2023

Located in a manufacturing plant in Esbjerg, humming with the constant rhythm of industry. Here, Schaldemose meticulously inspects compensators, intricate mechanical devices that adjust for variations in pressure or temperature in complex systems. His tool: a Comet EVO 300P.

In the world of non-destructive testing, Tobias Schaldemose, a seasoned NDT Inspector at FORCE Technology, has been a pillar in his profession since 2011. Tobias has been part of an organization recognized as the largest inspection company in Scandinavia. Founded more than seven decades ago, FORCE Technology has steadily spread its sphere of influence across the globe, with operations ranging from the Americas to Asia.

Each compensator is six meters in diameter and a sturdy eight millimeters in thickness, a testament to the caliber of products under scrutiny. Tucked away in the corner of the bustling plant, Schaldemose has set up shop and is using a 300-kilovolt EVO panoramic X-ray system. Situated at a safe distance from the primary production line, this secluded area has become the heart of Tobias' operations.

Tobias masterfully brings the EVO 300P to life: "Getting started on a day's work is quick and easy," he shares. The system fires up in just ten minutes while the three-piece lead belt snaps on and off easily. 

"Working with the system is straightforward – it's plug and play."

Tobias Schaldemose, NDT Inspector at FORCE Technology

The system's memory serves as an efficient baton, passing on the critical settings and history log from one user to the next. Once operational, the panoramic EVO 300P brings its prowess to bear, X-raying the entire pipe weld in a single sweep.

Tobias attributes his efficiency at work to the high-performance EVO 300P. The system's 750-watt capacity enables it to expose very thick materials effectively, making it an essential tool for NDT inspection. "The EVO 300P makes my job easy and effective," Tobias asserts, adding, "Another great thing is the significant weight reduction and the six lasers, which makes the EVO easy to position and align."

The system's 0.5 x 5.5 focal spot and 38 x 360 degrees beam angle further elevate its performance level, making it the go-to tool for even the most challenging pipe and vessel inspection jobs.

As Tobias continues to put the EVO 300P through its paces in the compensator factory near Esbjerg, Denmark, his work represents the synergistic blend of human ingenuity and advanced technology. 

His dedication and mastery in the field are making his job easier and more effective and ensuring the production of reliable and safe products for consumers. His work is a testament to the essential role of NDT inspectors in modern industry.

The EVO 300P - with 3 piece leadbelt

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