MesoFocus technology nominated for the Fribourg Innovation Award

October 05, 2022

Every two years, the Canton of Fribourg awards the Innovation Prize to companies and start-ups to reward their innovative inventions and to make them known in the canton and beyond. This year, Comet X-ray is among the top three companies with its new MesoFocus technology!

MesoFocus closes the gap

Until now, customers have often had to make a compromise when choosing an X-ray tube. Either the X-ray sources allow to make defects small visible but are very maintenance-intensive and therefore not suitable for 100% inspection, or they are X-ray module is robust and suitable for production but cannot resolve defects on the micro scale.

With the MesoFocus technology, Comet X-Ray developed completely new X-ray tubes combining the capability for a higher resolution compared to traditional sealed tubes yet providing all the benefits for stable X-ray inspection in production lines.

The difference between a conventional mini focus solution and the MesoFocus technology is clearly visible.

X-ray image of a clockwork with a standard tube
X-ray image of a clockwork with the MesoFocus tube

«The combination of research and developement as well as simulations and experiments finally led to success. A completely innovative focusing technology of the X-ray beam allows smallest resolutions in the 25µm range in a closed tube. With MesoFocus, it is now possible to image small structures in series production.»

Adrian Riedo, Research & Innovation Engineer

MesoFocus ensures safety in e-mobility

An important application of MesoFocus X-ray tubes is in the inspection of batteries for electric vehicles. Those batteries are performing more and more on an increasingly smaller surface area requiring increasingly compact structures. To avoid defects and battery fires, each individual battery is inspected with X-rays.

«MesoFocus technology makes batteries safe, and is therefore key technology for the exponential and sustainable growth of electric mobility. MesoFocus brings lab performance to the production floor.»

Marcel Odermatt, Product Manager

MesoFocus live

Being one of the top three companies, the jury of the Innovation Award paid us a visit. After a short presentation about the MesoFocus technology and its application,  the X-ray module and its benefits was live demonstrated in the the radiation protection bunker by Adrian Riedo and Daniel Krähenbühl.

The tangible capabilities and benefits have been demonstrated on the example of a latest generation battery used in e-vehicles. The difference in the X-ray image between a conventional tube and the MesoFocus technology was easily to grasp an very impressive for the visitors from the innovaton committee.

On November 9th, the winners of the Innovation Award Freiburg 2022/2023 will be announced. Stay up to date on LinkedIn.

Daniel Krähenbühl (left) and Adrian Riedo showing the MesoFocus module in the X-ray bunker.

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