MesoFocus wins Fribourg Innovation Award

November 10, 2022

The best innovation of the canton of Fribourg - that's MesoFocus! Not only the customers are enthusiastic about the new X-ray technology, but also the Canton of Fribourg recognizes MesoFocus as an innovation with big potential creating true value in X-Ray inspection.

With the new MesoFocus X-ray technology, the project team achieves the first place at the Innovation Award 2022/23 of the Canton of Fribourg. The invention combines the high resolution of open X-ray tubes with the robustness of sealed X-ray tubes and is made for production and series inspection where uptime is important and smallest defects must be found in short time. It simplifies the inspection systems as in many cases one MesoFocus X-Ray source is sufficient, and no complex dual tube system has to be used any longer.




Innovation Fribourg

Every two years, the Canton of Fribourg presents the Innovation Award to companies and start-ups that have developed a special project. The prize helps innovative companies to gain recognition and prominence in the Canton of Fribourg and in Switzerland.

The 13-member jury evaluates the degree of innovation in terms of technology and market, sales potential and the sustainability of the project.

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MesoFocus - the practical answer

According to Jerry Krattiger, Managing Director of Fribourg Development Agency, MesoFocus is the answer to an extremely current and relevant problem. Due to the increasing demand for electric cars, 100’s of Gigafactories for battery production are planned to be built over the next 5-8 years.

Because flaws in batteries can create serious defects and injury, 100% inspection is required and inspection time is critical for the production output. And this is exactly what the MesoFocus technology enables. MesoFocus combines the advantages of two technologies and closes the gap between open microfocus and sealed minifocus.

4680 battery, commonly used in newer electric vehicles

X-ray image of a 4680 battery, done with MesoFocus


«With the new MesoFocus X-ray technology, Comet increases safety in the field of e-mobility and opens up a new market with the automotive industry.»

Jerry Krattiger, Managing Director of Fribourg Development Agency

MesoFocus ensures safety

If batteries contain defects, the use of them can become very dangerous. Therefore inline inspection of every part manufactured is required in production. However, MesoFocus is not only used to scan batteries in Gigafactories. In fact, many more industries benefit from the technology.

In aerospace and additive manufacturing, inspection tasks require the detection of very small defects as well as high penetration power, so MesoFocus is a perfect fit. With this technology, products such as turbine blades can be inspected with ease.

«The biggest advantage of the MesoFocus technology is the detection of smallest defects in 24/7 production lines. Be it for small or large, dense components. »

Daniel Krähenbühl, Program and Project Manager at Comet X-ray

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