NDT tough – conversations with industry professionals: Paolo Casareale

November 02, 2023

As part of #NDTtough, we are sharing messages from professionals in the non-destructive testing industry. AT ECNDT 2023, we sat down with Paolo Casareale, the owner of ADG S.r.l. in Como, Italy. He, alongside his companions Albens Bushati and Roberto Uneddu, founded the company in 2005 and is providing portable and stationary NDT solutions to customers across Italy.

NDT tough: 4 questions to Paolo Casareale

How did you get into the NDT business?

As life usually happens, I came into the job market with some ideas and later found myself doing something completely different. I worked as an accountant for a company in NDT, and after five years of being an accountant, I realized my dream of starting my own company with my partners Albens Bushati and Roberto Uneddu.

Life as a business owner is not always easy, but we kept believing in our company's potential and succeeded over time. Now, we've been in the NDT business for more than 18 years; we have 15 employees and are continuously expanding by creating new relationships and strengthening our existing relationships.

What is a key value for you and your company?

I started in the business during the COVID-19 pandemic. When I started, we saw that our partners, including Comet X-ray, had prolonged delivery times. It was a challenge to communicate this issue with our customers being the middleman between our partners and customers. That has been a major issue.

The companies we work with don't just use ultrasonics; they use ultrasonics, RT, Eddy current, MP, MPI X-ray, and everything... So, the challenge is you must be knowledgeable in every method. You need to understand and match the customer's needs with the right NDT solution. So, being a salesperson is also being a consultant. My challenge has been learning the NDT language and all the technologies to be a good consultant.

Do you have an insight for your peers and newcomers to the NDT business?

Trust. Trust is an important base, not just in business but for everything in life – the partnerships with our suppliers and customers and the collaboration in our company. If people trust you and your company, doors will open for you.

And finally, what does NDT tough mean to you?

Never stop learning. It is easy to become comfortable and stay where you are, but it is important to remain relevant and to continue to grow - you must keep learning to stay on top of the business.

Paolo Casareale at the ECNDT 2023

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