Reimagining Radiographic Testing: Applus+ RTD's and the EVO 300DS

August 15, 2023

APPLUS+ RTD is a world-leading authority in radiographic testing – a technique ideally suited for detecting imperfections in materials throughout industrial operations and applications. For their inspection jobs, the EVO 300DS plays an important role.

René Andersen is an NDT Inspector and has been with Applus+ RTD for years. The company was founded in 1937 and has since grown to be one of the largest inspection companies globally. More than 12,500 specialized employees provide testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services to the energy sector and associated industries.

René Andersen conducts on-site weld seam inspections on many pipes and installations for Applus+ RTD. While researching NDT equipment, he was impressed by the EVO 300DS specifications and was convinced it was precisely what they needed in their NDT portfolio.

When testing the EVO system, René realized that the EVO 300DS indeed delivers on all it advertises. His key finding was that the 1.0 mm focal spot enables superior image quality and detection of fine details within proximity of one another. He also realized that combining the kV range and small focal spot shortens the distance between the X-ray source and the target. This, in turn, reduces exposure times, thus increasing the overall number of exposures the EVO 300DS can produce during its life cycle.

“What's written in the specifications is exactly what the EVO delivers.”

René Andersen,
NDT Inspector at Applus+ RTD

The EVO 300DS is not only a viable investment but also ensures that Applus+ RTD meets the demanding challenges of radiographic testing in diverse applications.

The close partnership between Comet X-ray and Applus+ RTD is as strong as ever, and the EVO products with small focal spots are setting a new standard for inspection efficiency and image quality – benefiting everyone from supplier to customer.

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