Sealed stationary X-ray modules

iXRS HP series – Mini focus modules

High Performance

This industrial X-ray system impresses with its digital imaging quality and high throughput in your inspection processes. It’s suited for both 2D and 3D scans and can inspect even the densest and largest parts.


Typical applications

  • Inspection of casts and additive manufactured components in Automotive
  • Inspection of turbine blades in Aerospace
  • Weld inspections
  • Sorting of ore

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iXRS XP series – Mini focus modules

Xtra Performance

The iXRS XP modules are dedicated to the most demanding non-destructive testing and inline CT applications and are therefore the ideal choice when uptime and high throughput are of utmost importance. Two identical and thermally separated focal spots make sure there are no long downtimes in case of a focal spot dropout.



  • Inline inspection for Automotive and Aerospace parts
  • 100% inspection of battery packs and other critical components where reliability is of utmost importance

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iXRS MF series – MesoFocus modules

A new world in NDT

This product series is ideal for inspecting parts with significant differences in material strength or characteristics in a single component. It’s ideal for inline inspection and 24/7 operation without having to sacrifice image quality and resolution.



  • Inspection of 3D printed parts and components
  • Inspection of failures in batteries down to 25µm
  • Inspection of electronic and electromechanical parts

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Open stationary X-ray modules

FXE micro and range series – Micro focus modules

Finest resolution

The FXE micro and range series visualize details up to 2 µm, even in complex multilayer parts. Because of their modular design, the parts of these industrial X-ray modules can easily be replaced and thus have an almost unlimited lifetime.



  • Electronics inspection
  • Soldering joints on circuit boards – PCBA
  • Ball grid arrays – BGA
  • Integrated circuits – IC
  • Bonding wires
  • Semiconductor packaging and interconnects
  • Wafer-level chip-scale packages
  • Microelectromechanical systems - MEMS

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FXE nano series – Nano focus modules

Highest resolution

The FXE nano series visualizes details up to 0.6 µm, even in complex multilayer parts. Because of their modular design, the parts of this industrial X-ray module can easily be replaced and thus has an almost unlimited lifetime.



  • Rotor- and turbine blades
  • Titanium and aluminum cast parts
  • Battery inspection
  • Sensors, relays, fuses, and coils
  • Materials testing: plastic, ceramics, steel

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Integrated X-ray modules

ION Series – Mini focus modules

Compact and versatile

The ION X-ray system has an optimized X-ray beam geometry tailored for scanning applications in imaging and material discrimination. It’s precise and accurate, can be operated in a range of climatic environments and is easy to integrate due to its low weight and compactness.



  • Luggage and cargo inspection in security
  • Sorting of recyclables
  • Food inspection

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Portable X-ray modules

EVO series – Mini focus modules

Built to last

The EVO X-ray systems impress with their ergonomic design and a low weight, well suited for field inspection jobs. They are easy to handle and the IP65 standard ensures they are fully operational in dusty and wet conditions.



  • Weld inspections
  • Pipeline inspection and maintenance
  • Crawler-based inspections
  • Corrosion under isolation inspections
  • Airplane on-site service inspections

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Mobile X-ray modules

XMB series – Mini focus modules

Agile and flexible

When mobility is key for your X-ray application, the XMB series is the right fit. Because of its modular design, it supports a wide range of X-ray tubes and can be easily adapted to deal with diverse inspection jobs in confined spaces.



  • On-site power plant inspection
  • Aircraft inspection
  • Petrochemical industries

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