Finding the perfect X-ray solution


Resolution is crucial for the visibility and clarity of defects or foreign bodies. Comet X-ray offers modules that reveal flaws down to low μm in size depending on the inspection task.


The size and material characteristics of a part to be inspected, determine the requirements for an X-ray module’s penetration capabilities of materials and structures. Modules up 600 kV guarantee an efficient inspection even for large and dense assemblies.



Time savings and speed in running X-ray routines are crucial for many applications and inspection businesses to reduce cost-per-item inspected. High power performance X-ray tubes enable
cost-optimized processes with high throughput.


Today’s trend towards 100% inspection requires efficient inline (CT) applications running up to 24/7. High uptime and dose stability are key for successful X-ray jobs-to-be-done.


The total cost of ownership frequently determines the viability of an application. Comet X-ray provides modules for easy integration, low maintenance, and no, or very short, service interventions.


Many installations require a specific footprint and straightforward integration of the X-ray module. Comet X-ray provides very compact and weight conscious solutions as well as flexible stationary products.

A perfect match for every application

Comet X-ray is a true one-stop shop for industrial X-ray applications. Depending on your needs and requirements, Comet X-ray provides you with tailor-made X-ray modules.