Product series: EVO

Built to last - it’s robust and reliable

Designed and built in Denmark, the CONTROL EVO is based on state of the art technology. The unit is fitted with a high-quality die-casted aluminum chassis protecting all vital parts. It meets the IP66 standard, making the CONTROL EVO fully operational in dusty and wet conditions. It is reliable, long-lasting, and a sound investment.

Smarter workflow - it’s light-weight and easy to handle

The ergonomic design and shoulder strap make the CONTROL EVO easy to handle and re-position. All information is clearly displayed on the 6.5 inches high contrast color screen. The unit features an exposure calculator and has an intuitive interface with a wide range of advanced functionalities – equalling a smarter workflow.

Compatible - it’s backwards compatible and future-proof

The CONTROL EVO is backwards compatible with the earlier portable X-ray systems. It has an Ethernet interface allowing for remote diagnostics and software updates. The USB interface facilitates control of the system via a USB-to-Serial converter, saving diagnostics reports, and can also be used for software updates in the field. It even has Bluetooth™ for future applications. All of these make the EVO system smart and future-proof.

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