Customized solutions

Modular thinking

After more than half a century in the industry, it’s fair to say we know about x-rays. We understand how vital it is that all the elements in an x-ray module work seamlessly together. It also requires in-depth know-how of the wide range of applications our customers demand - and how important it is for you to get a module which is not only tailored to your needs, but is intuitive to configure, simple to install, and trusted to deliver uptime during operation.

That’s why the modular ixrs is uniquely suited to your challenges. As the world’s only producer of both proprietary x-ray tubes and generators, we know our components integrate perfectly to maximize operational efficiency. Add a cooler, cables, and a comprehensive range of accessories to the mix, and you get a modular system built exactly to your specifications. 

It’s by making this connection between experience, technology, and the real-life challenges of your applications that we can offer you a system that’s built with your company’s success in mind.

Everything connects

In your line of work, you reveal the details to be able to see the big picture. And when all your individual processes come together in one smooth workflow, you can feel the difference that efficiency makes to your bottom line. It all connects.

And that’s where we come in: because at comet, our pioneering and intelligent x-ray technologies give you safer, more economical, trail-blazing solutions that can help drive your company into a more connected and effective future.

None of us knows precisely what the future will bring, but we do know that being flexible makes us faster to respond to change. Our modular system approach lets you configure a system which is tailor-made to meet your specific challenges. It won’t show you the future, but it will help you shape it.

Tailored solutions

Contact us directly if you want to enquire about a tailored solution, matching, or application needs. You can read more about the tailoring process in the brochure "New solutions guided by experience".  



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