Door and lamp cables

Product description

Comet offers cables for interfacing to a customized lamp or door interlock system. The cables have the right connector at one end and open wires at the other end. The CONTROL EVO supports an interface with multicolor warning lights, sirens, a double door interlock system, a flow switch, and control of an external device.

The pre-mounted connector and the open end on the door and lamp cable make an interface with external devices safe and easy. The cables have a connector at one end and open wires at the other. The EVO & ECO user manual describes the wire configurations, functionality, and electrical ratings.

Easy mounting

The pre-mounted connector allows for direct attachment to the CONTROL EVO.

Local configuration

If needed, these cables make the interface with additional lamps and double door interlock systems safe and easy.


  • Number of wires: 8
  • Cable length: 5 m

Specification sheet


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