EVO 200P

Nominal voltage: 200 kV

mA adjustment: 0.5 - 6.0 mA

Weight: 28 kg

Beam type: Panoramic

Max. X-ray power: 750 W

Focal spot, EN 12543: 0.4 x 4.0 mm

BUILT TO LAST - It’s robust and reliable

Designed and built in Denmark, the EVO systems are comprised of the best components and assembled with the utmost care - making them reliable, long-lasting, and a sound investment. They are fitted with a high-quality metal ceramic X-ray tube, and the robust composite casing now protects all vital parts even better. The systems meet the IP65 standard, making them fully operational in dusty and wet conditions.

SMARTER WORKFLOW - It’s light-weight and easy to handle

The ergonomic design and the compact size make the EVO 200P easy to handle and re-position. A broad temperature range from -20°C to +50°C makes the EVO systems reliable and ensures smooth operation even in extreme environments. The intuitive interface allows for a smarter workflow. The re-engineered three-part lead belt is easy to mount and has as standard a 38˚ x 60˚ slit option allowing for directional use if required.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Due to its technical capabilities

Built to meet the highest international safety standards, each unit is individually tested and measured for safety and accuracy. The panoramic 38˚ x 360˚ X-ray beam makes the EVO a perfect choice for weld-seam inspection of cylindrical vessels and pipes. The EVO 200P features a combination of 30 - 200 kV and 750 W constant potential X-ray power for high penetration - making it well suited for a broad range of inspection jobs where reliability and performance are required.

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