iVario 160

Product series: iVario series

Nominal voltage: 160 kV

iVARIO 160

The iVario 160 kV generator is designed to be flexible with a broad range of configuration options. It delivers continuous uptime, prolonged tube life, and consistent X-ray module output.

Product advantages

  • This is a modular, versatile, and configurable generator with settings that can be adapted to suit your specific needs.
  • The intelligent arc-handling system with built-in characterization logic enables automatic arc detection, providing the optimal settings to prolong the lifespan of the X-ray tube.
  • The tube library in the generator optimizes tube profiles “ramp-up” and “ramp-down profiles,” prolonging the tube’s lifespan.
  • Additional accessories, such as a touchscreen control panel and an IP54 protection cover, make the iVario generator well-suited to every application.

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