iVario - Control Software

Product series: iXRS

Product description

The control software is the standard user interface for OEMs and end-users to control and troubleshoot the iVario and iVario MesoFocus generators. This interface enables an easy and intuitive controlling of the X-ray module, enabling a smooth operation.

The Control Software runs on Windows desktop and tablet computers. The software can be displayed in full-screen mode or in any other customized size. It can also be run in the “Windows Kiosk” mode to prevent access to other Windows applications.

The iVario Control Software is an integrated part of the: 

  • iVario Operating System Bundle V.2.5.0 and the
  • iVario MesoFocus Operating System Bundle V.3.2.0.

OEMs can implement their front-end user interface by applying the T3 protocol keys over TCP/IP. All the T3 keys used by WebUI and the Control Software can be integrated into the custom front-end, enabling one single interface for the iVario and MesoFocus generator family.

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