iVario - MiniFocus Operating System

Product series: iXRS

Product description

This is the embedded operating system software for the iVario MiniFocus generator family. The actual official version is v2.5.0.

New features:

  • Intuitive I/O configurator
  • Improved user experience in the WebUI
  • Automated equalize of Powercell and Tank Software: When the software version of the Powercell(s) / Tank(s) needs to be aligned regarding the software version of the IFC, the software equalize is performed automatically at the first power on of the generator
  • Improved arc handling recovery mechanism (very important for the bipolar generators)

Refer to the software release notes of the operating system software bundle to learn all the changes compared to the previous version.

In order to ensure the compatibility, there is always an iVario MiniFocus Operating System Software bundle available, including:

  • Embedded operating system software
  • Control software
  • Software release notes
  • T3 protocol
  • T3 status description
  • T3 status led description
  • WebUI manual
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