IXRS MesoFocus 225 kV

Product series: MesoFocus

Nominal voltage: 225 kV

Mobility: Stationary

Max. resolution: 25 μm

Max. power range: 50 - 200 W

Focal spot, ASTM: 13 - 19

Min. FOD: 36 mm

iXRS MesoFocus series

The MesoFocus series is ideal for inspecting parts with significant differences in material strength or characteristics in a single component, particularly additive manufactured parts, carbon fiber materials, and casting. It bridges the gap between open microfocus and minifocus X-ray technologies without compromising performance.

The MesoFocus technology allows users to detect features and conduct dimensional analysis down to 25 μm with a sealed X-ray tube. With its field of view, the MesoFocus X-ray tube reduces the number of images required to inspect a part resulting in a faster inspection process.

Unlike conventional microfocus tubes, the MesoFocus technology offers high stability due to minimal defocusing of the focal spot from thermal changes. This, and the absence of greasing O-rings and exchanging of filaments or targets result in fewer service interventions and an inherently higher uptime in your application.
The iXRS-MF modules provide cost-saving opportunities as they can eliminate the need for dual tube systems or two distinct cabinets with different X-ray tube technologies.


The iXRS Configurator wizard intuitively helps you to define your product hardware and software settings with a few clicks. All iXRS modules based on your configuration will be factory tested before shipment to assure a hassle-free installation and operation. Start configuring your iXRS

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