IXRS standard 450 kV

Product series: Standard

Focal spot, EN: 2.5   7.5 mm

Max. power: 800 - 4500 W

Mobility: Stationary

Nominal voltage: 450 kV

The iXRS standard series

Comet X-ray provides a broad range of X-ray modules that are designed to be effectively integrated for maximum customization. Our choice of metal-ceramic X-ray tubes is unmatched for industrial applications, allowing the X-ray module to be fully optimized for your image chain. By choosing precisely the elements you need for your system, you can reduce the cost incurred by additional, unnecessary built-in accessories.


The iXRS Configurator wizard intuitively helps you to define your product hardware and software settings with a few clicks. All iXRS modules based on your configuration will be factory tested before shipment to assure a hassle-free installation and operation. Start configuring your iXRS

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