IXRS XP 450 kV

Product series: Xtra Performance

Focal spot, EN: 2.0 - 2.0 mm

Max. power: 1900 - 1900 W

Mobility: Stationary

Nominal voltage: 450 kV

Xtra performance series

The Comet XP series is dedicated to the most demanding non-destructive testing and in-line CT applications, optimizing power performance, focal spot size, and field of view. Two identical and thermally separated focal spots prevent your application from long downtimes in case of a focal spot dropout. With a simple and easy change to the second focal spot, you ensure continuous functionality of your system without time-consuming service interventions. This can further reduce the costs of your local service inventory.

An optimized Field of View (FOV) with 40° x 40° radiation coverage enables a reliable and efficient inspection of larger objects without additional mechanical efforts compared to traditional high-power solutions. The XP series is an ideal choice when uptime and short scanning times are of utmost importance.


The iXRS Configurator wizard intuitively helps you to define your product hardware and software settings with a few clicks. All iXRS modules based on your configuration will be factory tested before shipment to assure a hassle-free installation and operation. Start configuring your iXRS

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