MXC 450 MF

Nominal voltage: 450 kV

Focal spot, EN: 0.06   0.45 mm

Max. power: 50 - 450 W

Beam type: Directional

Product series: MXR MesoFocus

Product Description

The MXC 450MF is a game changing bipolar oil-cooled tube assembly with five focal spots ranging from 0.06 mm to 0.45 mm. The tube is specifically designed for non-destructive in- or at-line applications.

High power and system availability

Combining the module’s excellent performance and high throughput makes the MesoFocus module ideal for inline inspection and 24/7 operation. The MesoFocus module reduces inspection times up to 60%, compared to standard open-microfocus modules, because of the higher penetration power and highest system availability for the 25 – 500 micrometers inspection application range.

Stability, repeatability, and accuracy

The MesoFocus technology enables a stable dose rate without recalibration during the scan. The results are consistent image quality and reproducibility, which is vital for long-term CT scans where stability is crucial. The MesoFocus module ensures repeatable and accurate inspection results and measurements vital in mass production inspection.

Low maintenance, high uptime

The robust and sealed design of the MesoFocus tube allows for 24/7 operation in harsh environments. The sealed tube design does not need frequent maintenance, and it is not sensitive to dust, oily environments, or humidity. The modules’ predictive maintenance capabilities enable scheduled maintenance - making production planning easy and ensuring maximum uptime.

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