MXC 451

Nominal voltage: 450 kV

Focal spot, EN: 7.5 mm

Max. power: 800 W

Beam type: Directional

Product series: MXR Standard

Product Description

The MXC 451 is a bipolar oil-cooled X-ray tube assembly with integrated radiation protection. It comprises a single focal spot, a tungsten anode and a directional beam. The tube is specifically designed for thickness gauging applications.

For high density, thick materials

The 450 kV X-ray tubes are available in variants ranging from the standard models, ideal for detecting larger defects to high power variants with small focal spots for high-resolution applications.


 The 450 kV metal-ceramic X-ray tubes are designed for the non-destructive inspection of high-density alloys, castings, and other thick and heavy parts, typically in the aerospace, automotive, and other transportation industries. Also, they are ideal for security inspection, and well-suited for digital, and additive & industrial manufacturing applications.

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