MXR 225 01

Nominal voltage: 225 kV

Focal spot, EN: 0.5 mm

Max. power: 320 W

Beam type: Directional

Product series: MXR Standard

Product Description

The MXR 225 01 is an unipolar water-cooled tube assembly with integrated radiation protection. It comprises a single focal spot, a tungsten anode and a directional beam. The tube is specifically designed for non-destructive imaging applications.

For medium density materials

The 225 kV X-ray tubes are available in a broad range of variants from standard models for detecting larger defects in NDT, to variants ideal for irradiation applications, and high-power models with small focal spots for high-resolution applications. Fan beam variants, primarily for security inspection, are also available.


The 225 kV metal-ceramic X-ray tubes are designed for non-destructive inspection of castings, composite materials, and additive manufactured parts. In the security industry, the 225 kV tubes are ideal for inspection of luggage, vehicle control, and backscatter applications. They are also used for irradiation applications, such as medical irradiation and sterilization.

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