Return material - from a country outside the EU

Please follow the steps below before sending the goods. It is essential to report the correct figures, required by Danish law, to customs and to ensure that the goods can be cleared in customs.

  1. Air shipment must be prepaid.
  2. Please use incoterm DDP to minimize duty problems.
  3. Please issue a proforma invoice on your business paper, stating a nominal value of the equipment for inbound customs clearance.
  4. State that the equipment is being "shipped to Denmark for repair & return to XXXX (your country)."
  5. State Denmark as origin/European Community and Tariff Code number 90221900.00.
  6. Send us a copy in advance of the proforma invoice and the AWB number to alert our forwarder of the correct customs clearance.
  7. Mark your shipment clearly with your RM number.

Material safety - dangerous goods

Portable and mobile products are classified as dangerous goods.
Please take all needed precautions before sending the products, per the Safety Data Sheet.
Find the Safety Data Sheet below or in the download center.


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Safety Data Sheet

Industrial X-ray Systems