Return equipment inquiry - Globally: All product series

Please enter your details regarding the return of equipment into the forms below. We will get back to you as soon as possible to support you in the best possible way. Please do not return the goods before receiving an official Service Notification from your Comet Service location, further details per Repair and Return of Material process. The fields marked with * are required to fill in.

You may also use the Field Failure Report PDF forms at the bottom of this page. Please fill out the forms according to the instructions and send it to your local service contact.

Return and repair equipment - Globally: All product series

Products and/or components to be returned

This form collects your personal data, which we need to respond to your request. The protection of your personal data is important to us. Please read our privacy policy to understand how we protect and manage the data you submit.

Repair and Return of Material process

  1. Before returning the goods, Comet will issue a Service Notification that will be sent to you in a separate email. Please include a copy of the service notification in the shipping documents and return the goods.
  2. No return shipments are accepted without Comet service notification.
  3. For an analysis with an estimate, an inspection fee applies.
  4. HV-cables: Please complete additional form specific for HV-cables
  5. Transportation damage: If Comet has covered transport insurance, a report from the insurance broker, carrier, or postal service must be returned immediately.

Additional form for HV-cables