01. Comet X-ray service offerings

We understand service as a crucial element of our mutual business success. We strive to work closely with our customers and provide efficient service support enabling continuous, reliable X-ray modules and systems operation. Our comprehensive service offering makes you feel confident in partnering with Comet X-ray.

02. Technical Customer Support

Comet X-ray operates a global team of technical experts with a long-standing experience in X-ray modules across industries. Our local service centers in Europe, Asia, and America provide extensive technical support and training to OEM Customers and channel partners.

Support and training

  • Integration and installation 
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Remote or on-site support if required

03. Spare Parts Delivery

Our service and logistic hubs provide hassle-free spare part supply in all regions.

Regional service hubs:

  • Shelton, USA 
  • Flamatt, Switzerland
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Shanghai, China

04. Repair Centers

X-ray tubes and stationary X-ray modules

The local hubs in China, Switzerland, and the US provide repair and maintenance services for our X-ray tubes and stationary X-ray modules.

Regional repair hubs

  • Shelton, USA 
  • Flamatt, Switzerland
  • Shanghai, China



For portable - and mobile X-ray modules

The local hubs in China, Denmark, the US, and our global service partner network provide repair and maintenance services for our portable X-ray modules.

Regional repair hubs

  • Shelton, USA 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Shanghai, China
  • Global service partner network

05. Portable X-ray Module Maintenance

Regular service check ensures that your portable and mobile X-ray system is in optimal operating condition. Periodic calibration will ensure that your X-ray system fulfills both internal and external requirements for quality assurance.



  • Maintenance package
  • Rebuild package
  • Calibration

06. Return of Materials

Sustainability is of high importance to us. That’s why we support you in taking care of the proper recycling and disposal of your X-ray components that have reached their end of life. 

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  • Please consult the "Return and repair" procedure in the service section.