利用COMET X射线模块,可以有效、可靠地针对这些零部件进行质量控制。


  • 壁厚测量
  • 包含物与沙孔检测
  • 裂纹和分层检测


At a glance

A single defect in the aircraft structure, metal, or composite material can result in catastrophic failure - that's why quality control in the aerospace industry is paramount.

Comet X-ray modules enable reliable and fast detection of those failures.

Typical applications

  • Quality control of parts for aircraft and space vehicles
  • Identification of structural defects
  • Turbine blade inspection
  • Maintenance of aircrafts


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The automotive industry relies on X-ray inspection to ensure superior quality in many production steps for critical components, ranging from electromechanical parts to cast parts and tires.

Typical applications

  • Identification of defects in tires, composite materials, 3D printed and rubber compound parts
  • Identification of air inclusions, foreign objects, and flaws


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Battery-powered portable devices and e-mobility demand increasing energy storage, leading to smaller structures.

Comet X-ray modules ensure a safe battery cell and pack and enable failure detection to 25µm.

Typical applications

  • Identification of defects in battery
    • Cells
    • Packs


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Electronic components are becoming increasingly miniaturized. High-resolution and high-magnification X-ray and computed tomography (CT) inspection modules provide the necessary tools for examining such components.

Typical applications

  • Multilayer and assembled PCB Inspection
    • Visualization of layers, defect solders, solder voids
  • SMD Inspection
    • Testing of bond wires, solder joints
  • Wafer Inspection
    • Testing of 3D integrated circuits (IC)


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Combining X-ray systems with computed digital radiography creates a smart workflow in a laboratory setting, resulting in an agile approach producing high-quality images directly transferred to a lab computer for analysis.

In cancer research, X-rays are used to irradiate tissue to study the positive impact of irradiation on cancer cells.

Typical applications

  • Irradiation of biological items for cancer research
  • Blood irradiation
  • Dermatology
  • Sterilization

Other NDT

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Non-destructive testing helps deliver consistently high quality of a broad range of industrial products and components.

The inspection systems identify quality problems and assist the manufacturers in improving their design processes by providing insights into default types and patterns. Increasing demand for high-quality products and consistent quality means that the inspection systems must be efficient and reliable.

Typical applications

  • Rail roads
  • Shipyards
  • Museums
  • Defense

Oil and gas

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Pipelines must be inspected periodically to verify and document the quality of their welds. The inspection of weld seams on installations predating current standards is essential. X-ray inspections of pipelines can be conducted efficiently and accurately, either from the inside by using an X-ray pipeline crawler or from the outside.   

Panoramic crawler inspection

Pipeline crawlers are remotely operated, battery-driven vehicles with integrated portable panoramic X-ray systems like the EVO panoramic series. The crawlers can complete exposure of a circular weld seam in one go due to their 360˚ X-ray beam coverage of the EVO panoramic.

Typical applications

  • Weld inspection

  • Pipeline inspection and maintenance

  • Crawler-based inspection

  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Suited modules


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X-ray inspection at logistical centers, airports, harbors, and public institutions worldwide increases public safety and enforces tariffs. The inspection systems identify unwanted elements or illegal goods in vehicles, luggage, containers, and contraband transported by people in transit.

Comet X-ray is the ideal security partner for X-ray source integration, now and in the future.

Typical applications

  • Passenger vehicle scanning
  • Luggage inspection
  • Urban security
  • Railcar and cargo inspection


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The demand for metals and minerals continues to rise with the increasing global population. Automated sorting technologies and increased demand for higher throughput rates, faster analysis, and constant system uptime drive the need for highly efficient X-ray sources.

Comet X-ray caters to all of these demands, making us an ideal partner, now and in the future.

Typical applications

  • Ore sorting in mining
  • Recyclable material separation
  • Domestic waste management
  • Wood sorting in forestry industries
  • Food inspection

Thickness gauging

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Production conditions in steel or aluminum rolling mills are incredibly demanding.

Increased strength and improved forming characteristics of industrial materials have led to the production of ever-thinner sheets and increased yield from every ton rolled, thus spurring the need for greater accuracy and decreasing dimensional tolerances.

Typical applications

Thickness gauging in:

  • Hot-rolling mills
  • Cold-rolling mills

Suited modules